Winter is already here, and temperatures will be dropping drastically. Many people have learned over the years that it is never easy to clean and keep things tidy when it is frigid both inside and out. One secret is to get things done early so that you can relax and stay warm during the cold months. This is why you will need a winter cleaning checklist when you are getting ready for it. 

Winter Cleaning Checklist
Winter Cleaning Checklist

Winter Cleaning Checklist

Fortunately, you landed on the right post. Here you will get a complete checklist for cleaning before winter. Follow the list and other household tips and you’ll have a clean home during the winter. This list will go over basic tasks and ways you can deep clean your home

Winter Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean the ceiling fans in readiness for the cold: Remember to set the fans to run in a reverse direction. It is a trick that helps push the warm air downwards. 
  • Wash and vacuum the floors: Floors are critical to the cleanliness of your home. They are doubly crucial during winter. It would be best if you had them clean, and I mean every inch of it. When you are done cleaning, vacuum them from one corner to the next. You can even go a step further and steam clean them or get a carpet cleaning to enjoy the benefits of freshly steam cleaned floors.
  • Wash the walls: Your walls have gone through rough seasons, and they deserve some care. You need to wash them before the cold hits harder. But first, you need to test a small area of the wall to see if the paint will wash away. If it is still there after the test, give all the walls a cleaning run. Your home will look bright from the outside. You can also throw in a new coat of paint if it has been a long while since your walls got a painting treat. 
  • Dust all the surfaces: The window sills, cabinets, shelves, furniture and any other surface prone to dust should be wiped. Use a clean rug to go over every surface. 
  • Clean the bathroom: While you have been cleaning your bathroom, it is time to do it well. You need a clean bathroom when the temperatures outside are unbearable. After all, you will be spending a lot of time indoors. 
  • Scrubbing the sink: When was the last time you cleaned your sink? Most people cannot remember. Before winter is the perfect timing to deal with the sink. Scrub it and leave it with a spark. 
  • Wash the bedding: It is time to keep warm, and your bedding play the primary role in making sure your night is comfortable. Clean them before the cold weather comes knocking at your door. 
  • Clean the dishwasher: It has kept your utensils clean, but most of the times you forget to wash the dishwasher. Give it an early Christmas gift by cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Flip the mattress: You have been sleeping on your mattress for months now, but you cannot tell the last time you flipped it. Do it when the first snow begins to fall.

Wrapping Up

There is a lot you can add to your winter cleaning checklist. Start early before the cold weather makes it difficult to get things done and make sure that you’re getting everything cleaned thoroughly with some clean home tips from professionals.

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