Once in a while you will need some work done on your house walls. The team of workers will use drywall compound to give your interior walls a new stunning look. While that calls for celebration, there are chances of drywall mud find way into your carpet. Now that will be another headache of trying to learn how to get drywall mud off carpet. Luckily, it is not a difficult task.

How to Get Drywall Mud Off Carpet
How to Get Drywall Mud Off Carpet

How to Get Drywall Mud Off Carpet

In this post, you will learn how to get rid of drywall mud from your rugs and enjoy the benefits of cleaning your carpet. It will share two methods that you can use and say goodbye to the ugly stains. Let us start with the first one.

Method #1: 

  • Start by scraping off as much of the mud as possible. This is only possible if there are some wet sections of the mud. 
  • For the dry mud, use a spatula or ruler to break it into smaller particles. 
  • Use a wet rag to blot most of the particles. Be careful not to use a very wet rag because you will create a mud messy that will give you a hard time clearing. 
  • Keep up with the blotting until the last trace of the mud disappears.
  • Do not fall into the temptation of rubbing the mud onto the carpet. It will allow it to penetrate deeper and create a worse problem for you.
  • When you are satisfied with the level of cleaning, allow the carpet to dry in free air
  • For the particles lingering on the carpet, use the vacuum cleaner brush attachment to drive them away. 

Method #2:

If you are still having the drywall mud stains after using the first method, you can try this next one:

  • After the initial cleaning, leave the mud to dry overnight. 
  • Wear heavy boots and step on the mud. It should break into small pieces under that weight. 
  • Put water in a bottle and spray it over the mud. Do it moderately so that the mud coagulates and makes it easy to pull it off easily. 
  • Grab a paint scraper to loosen the mud from the carpet’s surface. You should see it falling off easily. 
  • If the mud chunks are too big to scrape, you can use a damp towel to break them further for up to 30 minutes. 
  • Get a butter knife, spatula, or any other item with a blunt edge to scrape the mud in the opposite direction. 
  • If you have a portable steam cleaner, use it to further wet the mud and lift it off the carpet surface. 
  • You should now see the drywall mud getting of your carpet gradually. 
  • When you are satisfied with the cleaning, let your carpet.

Bottom Line

One way or another, you may find yourself dealing with drywall compound on your carpet. In such a case, knowing how to get drywall mud off carpet will come in handy — especially if you’re planning on completing a winter cleaning checklist and want to clean your carpets in the winter. You have two methods to do that and you can choose whichever works for you. Worst comes to worst, you can always reach out to professionals for additional help with any sort of carpet cleaning services.

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